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The expansion for the Volkswagen Group is located inside the mountain at SVG1-Rennesøy.
The expansion for the Volkswagen Group is located inside the mountain at SVG1-Rennesøy.

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Volkswagen Group expands capacity at Green Mountain

The company will make all their data centers carbon-neutral by 2027

In a press release by the Volkswagen Group, the company announces its goal to make all its data center operations run balance sheet carbon-neutrally by 2027. To achieve this goal, the company has expanded its computing capacities at Green Mountain, at the SVG1-Rennesøy site. With this expansion, one quarter of Volkswagen’s global data center operations will run carbon-neutrally. This corresponds to annual CO₂ savings of 10,000 tons.

The cooperation with Green Mountain started back in June 2019, when Volkswagen Group opened its data center operations at Green Mountain's RJU1-Rjukan site in Telemark, Norway. The goal was to outsource non time-critical, high-performance computing projects like crash-test simulations to free capacity in Volkswagen Group’s data centers at the headquarters needed for critical business applications. Now, the company has expanded with a new installation at SVG1-Rennesøy with a capacity of 3MW.

“We appreciate the renewed trust Volkswagen has placed in us and are pleased to support them on their journey towards full carbon-neutrality,” says Tor Kristian Gyland, CEO Green Mountain. “Together we share the same vision of a more sustainable future.”

You can read the full press release from Volkswagen here: Volkswagen AG aims to make data centers climate-neutral by 2027 | Volkswagen Newsroom (

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Mette Berger Gulbrandsen

Mette Berger Gulbrandsen

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Svein Atle Hagaseth

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