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From inside the DC1-Stavanger Data Center Facility.
From inside the DC1-Stavanger Data Center Facility.

Press release -

Green Mountain announces first Megaport enabled data center facility in Stavanger

Stavanger, Norway - April 8, 2020 - Norwegian colocation services provider Green Mountain announces availability of Megaport, a leading Network as a Service (NaaS) provider. Megaport’s deployment offers Green Mountain’s customers access to over 350 service providers on the Megaport platform including leading cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and others. Leveraging Megaport’s Software Defined Network (SDN), Green Mountain’s customers will be able to speed up and simplify how they build and deploy connections to the services their business runs on.

Megaport's deployment is part of Green Mountain's multi-phased approach to expand its carrier-neutral cloud ecosystem and simplify customers’ network strategies by providing connectivity for cloud and hybrid IT environments. Megaport’s elastic interconnection services support on-demand, fast, and secure cloud access, allowing Green Mountain’s customers to connect to over 170 cloud on-ramp locations worldwide and scale their bandwidth requirements in line with business needs.

Benefits include:

  • Choice: Megaport provides direct private access to an industry-leading 171 cloud on-ramps and more than 600 data centers, including Green Mountain’s DC1 Stavanger facility.
  • Security and Performance: Reliable, direct, private connections that bypass the public internet.
  • Marketplace: A global ecosystem of over 350 service providers, including Alibaba, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Nutanix, Oracle Cloud, Salesforce, and SAP.
  • Ease-of-use: Enable hybrid cloud, multicloud, and cloud-to-cloud architectures via point-and-click provisioning with the intelligent Megaport Cloud Router.
  • Performance: Localise applications and terminate traffic closer to the edge where performance matters.
  • Scalability: Elastic connectivity supports business needs and aligns to cloud consumption models.

Svein Atle Hagaseth, Chief Sales Officer of Green Mountain, explains the benefits of the Megaport deployment: “Hybrid cloud models are a focus area of our enterprise clients. They want the opportunity and flexibility to scale rapidly and get closer to different cloud providers. This is our first engagement with Megaport, and we look forward to providing our clients an opportunity to build their hybrid, multicloud, cloud-to-cloud, and potential disaster recovery solutions not only in one of the most energy efficient and sustainable data centers in Europe, but anywhere. Megaport allows both our existing and new clients to securely connect to a number of different data center locations and cloud providers.”

“The Nordic region is an area of growth when it comes to hybrid and multicloud deployments,” says Peter Hase, Chief Commercial Officer of Megaport. “Enabling Green Mountain’s Stavanger site supports this growth by providing fast, secure, and scalable cloud access. Our powerful network capabilities, including Megaport Cloud Router, allow Green Mountain’s customers to significantly reduce the complexity of their cloud-based architectures and enable cloud-to-cloud connections that scale. We are delighted to offer our services in such an advanced data centre and look forward to supporting Green Mountain’s customers and growing our relationship further.”

About Megaport:

Megaport is a global leading Network as a Service provider. Using Software Defined Networking (SDN), the Company’s global platform enables customers to rapidly connect their network to other services across the Megaport Network. Services can be directly controlled by customers via mobile devices, their computer, or our open API. Megaport connects more than 1,700 customers in over 600 enabled data centres globally. Megaport is an Alibaba Cloud Technology Partner, AWS Technology Partner, AWS Networking Competency Partner, Google Cloud Interconnect Partner, IBM Direct Link Cloud Exchange provider, Microsoft Azure Express Route Partner, Nutanix Direct Connect Partner, Oracle Cloud Partner, Salesforce Express Connect Partner, and SAP PartnerEdge Open Ecosystem Partner.

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Green Mountain AS designs, builds and operates high security, robust wholesale colocation data centres. Green Mountain currently has three data centers in Norway with plans to develop in other regions. The data centers operate on 100% low cost renewable power and the use of free cooling creates unique power efficiency.

  • The data center near Stavanger (DC1-Stavanger) is built deep inside a mountain in a former high-security NATO ammunition storage facility.
  • The data center in Telemark (DC2-Telemark) is in the ‘cradle of hydro power’ in Norway with multiple local hydro power plants.
  • The data center near Oslo (DC3-Oslo) is located in Enebakk, 20 km outside the Norwegian capital. It is currently under construction with estimated completion in September 2020.

Green Mountain is one of the largest operators in this sector in Norway with clients in finance, IT service providers, Government, Health, O&G and others.

Learn more about Green Mountain:


Mette Berger Gulbrandsen

Mette Berger Gulbrandsen

Press contact Chief Marketing & Communications Officer +47 92838645
Svein Atle Hagaseth

Svein Atle Hagaseth

Press contact Chief Executive Officer + 1 416 518 7105

About Green Mountain

Green Mountain designs, builds and operates highly secure, innovative and sustainable data centers in Norway and the UK. The data centers are powered by low-cost, 100 percent renewable power and are world-leading on energy efficiency.

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